KneeSaver - PAIR

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• INCLUDED: 2 KneeSavers

The KneeSaver Set, is designed for the treatment and maintenance various knee injuries and ideal for treating arthritis on older horses. The Knee Saver is hands-free and wireless for easy operation.  The diodes pulsate automatically between 292hz and 1168hz.  Self-contained and stand-alone the KneeSaver operates on three “AA” alkaline batteries and DOES NOT need to be connected to the RevitaVet™ main system.  The unit contains 62 visible red 650nm diodes.  The sturdy straps wrap around the area that needs to be treated for hands-free operation. Treatment time as little as 15 minutes.  The device can be used on multiple horses per day.  It can be used on existing problems as well as a preventive maintenance device.  There are certain knee problems in horses that are hereditary and which affect their conformation and movement. However, others knee issues are acquired through knocks, falls and other kinds of impact injuries. All too often this leads to something called hygroma which is when fluid builds up in the knee causing a swelling at the front of it.

Hygromas can also be caused by a kick or even a fall on their knees, and also when horses are traveling and continuously bang their knees on partitions or the sides of a truck. This type of trauma can result in a horse developing a hygroma because they are effectively injuring the front of their carpus.

The KneeSaver will help with:

  • Acute Carpitis
  • Arthritis from wear and tear
  • Inflammation
  • Osteochondral Fragments (OC)
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Chip Fractures – From repetitive bangs to their knees can lead to Hygroma (buildup of fluid in the knee)