Mikayla Zayas

Western Team



Mikayla’s biggest dream in life was to own a horse. She caught this dream at age 9 when her parents bought her first horse, Faith. Nobody ever expected Mikayla to exceed the way she did with horses.  Mikayla began the sport of mounted shooting as a wrangler at age 11.  By the time she was age 15 Mikayla had worked her way up through the ranks with her recent horse, Silver Cat, and achieved the highest level possible in the sport.

She currently rides a horse she trained on her own, Kit Kat, who is only age 5.  Mikayla and Kit Kat are currently competing in CMSA and MSA.  She lives in Orlando, Fl. and aspires to become a vet and own her own practice one day. She would like to attend Berry College in Rome, Ga. Mikayla plans to continue to be active with horses while in school and later on in life.

Website blondebullet.com

•Youngest ever CMSA competitor to achieve the highest Level in the World.
•2015 AQHA World Open Top Ten
•2014 AQHA World Youth Champion
•2014 CMSA High Overall Westerns Champion
•2014 CMSA Central Ladies Champion
•2014 CMSA Nationals Ladies Champion
•2013 AQHA  World Youth Champion

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