Kristi Foresman



Eventing Team 

Kristi Foresman


Kristi is a FEI 3* three day event rider and USDF dressage competitor.

She grew up riding in California with her mentors Bea and Derek diGrazia, where she competed as an Area VI young rider and portola valley pony clubber. Now residing in Dobson, North Carolina.


Kristi has been building and growing her brand as competitor, trainer and coach in Area II, Area III and Area VIII. She currently has three horses competing in the upper levels of eventing, as well as in Dressage at the 3rd and 4th levels. She is working toward achieving her goals of riding at the Land Rover Kentucky Three Day Event as well as earning her USDF medals.

Kristi is a proud advocate of Revitavet and uses the IR2 Complete system routinely as a part of her training program. She loves how revitavet is non-invasive and easy to use, her horses love it too.