Sydni Blanchard

Western Team


Sydni was born into a family deeply enriched by the western lifestyle.  As one of seven children, Sydni developed a competitive edge playing sports with her siblings.  A love for horses was inherited from her parents and grandparents, with whom she has recognized as being her ultimate coaches.

From the physical aspect of training horses to the mental game as an athlete, Sydni has become well rounded in the competitive industry of Professional Barrel Racing.  She not only aims to train horses to their full potential but also strives to help others through her coaching.  Studying and proving herself as a mental athletic trainer, she now provides therapeutic services as a coach for other athletes.


  • Three Time NFR Qualifier
  • Collegiate World Champion Barrel Racer
  • WPRA Rookie of the Year
  • Calgary Stampede Champion

“The RevitaVet System is a tool that covers a wide range of health issues. It’s like having a vet in a bag that you can carry everywhere you go.  It keeps my pro horses healthy and rock solid and it also helps my young horses stay calm and cool.  I don’t leave for a race without this tool.  After using the RevitaVet pole cap at the American qualifier on Famous Heartbreaker, she was calm and focused. She ran a 16.9 on a standard pattern and cooled down outstandingly. I’m now a firm believer and use the RevitaVet and pole cap on all of my horses.”