Ankle Saver

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The Ankle Saver is a flexible neoprene product that allows for hands-free treatment of the ankle or fetlock joint.  The Ankle Saver is self-contained and independent, runs on three “AA” batteries, and does not connect to the RevitaVet™ main system.


The ankle is the second most commonly injured joint in the horse’s body. The Ankle Saver contains 42 visible red diodes with a wavelength of 650nm powerful light energy that targets all areas associated with common ankle problems. It helps correct problems in the lower portion and the extensor branch of the suspensory ligament, the deep and superficial flexor tendons, both sesamoids, osselets, joint by addressing inflammations, wind puffs, etc.

The Ankle Saver can be used to treat existing injuries, relieve the effects of competitive stress and prevent ankle problems in all four legs. With a treatment time of only 15 minutes, it is convenient and easy to use.

The AnkleSaver addresses these common ailments: