Pam Fisher

Eventing Team
  • Long Listed  for the 1996 Olympics in Atlanta
  • USEA Horse of the Year with Road to Bucks
  • Competes at Rolex CCI****







“I use it daily in my barn for whatever a horse or I might need.  Today I am treating a horse with a contusion on the medial aspect of his fetlock.  He banged it at the CHP HT last week when a hail storm blew in.  He must have hit it running around his stall.  The RevitaVet  brought down the swelling and it is just about 100% after just seven days.  We treated it immediately and he was not sore on it after the first treatment.  He was sound and went on to jump a clear show jump round. I had a horse in the barn last fall that lacerated his flank.  It was nasty to look at.  In such a sensitive area we could only hold the IR-2 pad close to it but, not touch it.  After three days it looked to be two weeks old.  After a week a vet had a look at him and thought that the injury was a month old."