RevitaVet Testimonials


“RevitaVet Light Therapy is a key part of maintaining Justin’s athletic performance during the stress of competition. I also use it as a preventative tool. This “insurance policy” keeps him healthy and sound in all stages of training at home and in between competitions.”

• Kenda Lenseigne, Ambassador

- Multiple time CMSA Overall World Champion


"RevitaVet has been very useful to me and my horses. We use the RevitaVet system daily in the yard for preventative measures and for rehabilitation of injuries. This system has also been very useful at shows and is an invaluable part of my competition kit. Having used the RevitaVet system for so long now I would struggle to live without it."

• Tiana Coudray, Ambassador

- Member of the 2012 Olympics for USA
"RevitaVet Light Therapy is the “go to” golden ticket in our barn.  We use it religiously on our equine athletes, as a preventive measure to keep the at the top of their game.  We also use it on the Rescue Horses of SCRAF.  From superficial abrasions to chronic lameness, we are always pleased with the results and blessing received from the use of RevitaVet." 

• Kiersti Wylie, Ambassador

2016-USPC A Certification
"Tom, I just wanted to thank you for this incredible system. I was recently asked what is one item my program finds most useful. I said hands down my Revita Vet system. I have used it for everything from head shaking on the occipital nerve to splints and areas of muscle soreness. Now with items like the wireless pole cap it is easy to see why this product is fast becoming a first line of defense for many equestrians looking for preventive and proactive care for their horses. The results simply speak for themselves. Thank you again and keep on making this product because the uses are never ending."
Jacquelyn Dickey / Riding Innovations LLC

"I absolutely love the Revitavet. It is the most useful thing I own now. I tell everybody about it and make my customers sit on it and use it on the horses dogs and my own self. I would say it has reduced my lumbar/sciatic pain about 75%. Had a recent Xray and have 'advanced' disk degeneration and arthritis in L4 and L5. My Dr can’t believe I am not in a lot of pain. Ha! As soon as I can I will order another big pad. It’s an amazing product and I am so glad I bought it. I use it every day and the horses and my back are the proof that it really works."

 Abby Kogler -Equine Therapist