Case Studies




January 2013 Testimonial

Dear Tom and RevitaVet,

As a member of the UC Davis 3 Day Event Team I would like to thank you for your sponsorship and providing us with one of your unique, efective healing systems. 3 members on our team have horses that are unfortunately sufering from tendon injuries, and we are all so thankful that we can speed up the healing process with our RevitaVet system. For me personally, it has completely changed the outlook on my horse’s recovery from her left front suspensory branch tear that occurred in November. After a scary first ultra sound and a diagnosis of a serious injury, I opted for Platelet Rich Plasma treatment to hopefully speed recovery and improve functionality of the healed tendon. To my great disappointment, 2 months later, the injury looked just as it did on day 1. Fearing my horse would never recover from this injury, I turned to RevitaVet and began using it daily. 2 months after I began using RevitaVet, her ultra sounds look incredible and show remarkable healing that even PRP treatment could not promote. I will continue to use this astonishing system throughout the rest of her rehab process and beyond, as I am convinced it was the saving grace for my horse and I.

Many thanks,
Rebecca and Ricochet 


2011 UK Case Study

The wire cut into the bone and partially severed a tendon which runs down the front of the limb. Access to horse was limited so treatments were approximately once a week. With daily applications, this would take 30 days. Currently, this horse is competing successfully in Stadium Jumping.

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April 2011 – Sarcoids Case Study 

The horse was treated with the RevitaVet IR2 infrared system, utilizing frequencies #7 and #2 for 5 minutes each and four times a week over a two week period.

“It seems to be working as you can see the new pink skin.”






March 2010: Case Study

Shortly before the Rolex CCI****, Eveready injured a hind suspensory ligament.  He has been on a treatment schedule with the RevitaVet, among other things, for 4 months and the results were fantastic. He made a complete recovery and went back to competition at the highest levels, going on to score impressive wins at the 2011 USEA Eventing Championships Advanced Division as well as the 2013 Woodside Spring Event in the Advanced Division.




May 2007: Case Study

Mare with slow healing laceration of dorsal surface left hind cannon between hock and fetlock, under veterinary care.  Injury occurred Feb. 28, 2007 in the pasture. Swelling has complicated healing process.

Management:  24 hour support bandage with 24 hour alternating topical antibiotic and steroid.