RevitaVet® PetPad

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The PetPad is designed for the treatment and maintenance of sore spots on dogs, cats, and other animals. Use this device for hands-free treatment of virtually any part of your pet. 

Self-contained and stand-alone, the PetPad operates on three “AA” alkaline batteries and DOES NOT need to be connected to the RevitaVet® main system.  The unit contains 120 visible red 650nm diodes using a total of 600mw. The sturdy straps wrap around the area that needs to be treated for hands-free operation. Treatment time is as little as 10-15 minutes.  It can be used on existing problems as well as a preventive maintenance device. 

Common uses for The PetPad are to address issues where full coverage is desired such
  1. Osteoarthritis in the lumbar pelvic area for canine or feline
  2. Acute rib trauma and other broad area inflammatory responses for canine or feline
  3. Lower cervical facet joint issues
  4. Myofascial restriction in withers
  5. Post-abdominal surgery recovery