RevitaVet Hoof Pad Delivers Remarkable Results!

by lisat | Mon, Dec 10, 2018


We are very thankful to Dawn Barrett who just sent in this feedback on her use of the Hoof Pad with her 12 year old quarter horse.  Dawn has had great results managing his intermittent front end lameness, which has stumped her farrier and vet.  Together with the IR2, she is able to keep Star sound and productive!

“Star is a 12 year old gelding that I’ve had since he was a 3 year old. He is used for barrel racing and just recently started roping. He has always had an intermittent chronic front end lameness and has been to vets, had x-rays, professional farriers and no definite diagnosis or reason for lameness could be found.

“Last year I purchased a Revitavet IR2 system with a hoof pad to use on him. After one treatment with the hoof pad I could see a difference, he was more comfortable and could turn his barrels more efficiently. I use the hoof pad with a small pad inserted around the bulb of the heel/coronet band and held in place with the boot cover. I will repeat this daily for 3 days and he’s good. He will also get a treatment with the hoof pad for 2-3 days following a shoeing. Before I would have to give him a few days off after new shoes or be careful where I rode him. By using the Revitavet hoof pad, I can ride/compete on him the same day. The Revitavet has been a game changer for me and helps keeps my horses feeling great and promotes optimal performance.”

Dawn Barrett