RevitaVet™ Light Therapy – The Perfect Gift For 2 and 4 Legged Creatures!

by lisat | Mon, Dec 18, 2017


Give the gift of good health for all your animals with RevitaVet™!

As an industry leader of equine preventative maintenance and rehabilitation devices, our mission at RevitaVet™ is to educate competitors and horse owners of all disciplines on the benefits of infrared therapy. RevitaVet™ provides healthy maintenance and rehabilitation of your equine athletes, enhancing their peak performance condition, while preventing costly veterinary ailments before they arise.

Our primary market has always been equines, but did you know that RevitaVet™ just as safe and effective on people and pets?  With over 40 years of independent research worldwide, LIGHT THERAPY has been shown to deliver powerful therapeutic benefits to living tissues and organisms for HORSES, HUMANS and ALL ANIMALS!

RevitaVet™ is a brilliant choice for improving recovery time after exercise and treating painful muscle strains and injury.  So when considering the use of Light Therapy on your horse, also remember that the IR2 is also the perfect modality for all the 2 and 4 legged creatures in your home!