Announcing the RevitaVet Back Pad Complete Package!

by lisat | Wed, Jul 18, 2018

Due to popular demand, The RevitaVet Back Pad Complete is now being offered as a self contained unit with the RevitaVet’s IR2 infrared therapy controller, battery pack and outlet cord.  For those animal lovers who just need a larger treatment surface pad, this is the perfect therapy package!

It’s a popular tool of Show Cattle therapists.



The Back Pad Complete relaxes muscles, tendons and ligaments and provides arthritis pain relief naturally.  Non invasive and ideal for large areas as such as back, shoulder, hip, neck, stomach, etc.  The Back Pad, due to it’s size that covers a large area, has been used for some colic problems.  By placing the pad under the belly, the circulation that is being applied to the area helps with the pain relief which helps with gastrointestinal tract. Please note that this technology is not a substitution for surgery.

The RevitaVet Back Pad Complete is priced at $999.00.

** Please NOTE: The Back Pad is being sold as an independent therapy package with the RevitaVet’s IR2 Controller, battery pack and outlet cord.   If you want to order just the Backpad for your existing IR2 unit, please email RevitaVet with that request.  Pricing for just the Back Pad is $649.00